About us


About us


Lemon Tree

is your Perfect place where you can find the best professional massage services; we provide the best massage and Moroccan bath services in Dubai. We have a team of experienced therapists form all over the world, which use the most effective massage techniques and the best organic products to ensure you will get the best massage services in Dubai. Have amazing deals that would defiantly help you enjoy our spa treatments at affordable prices.

Reasons Why Lemon Tree Spa is the Best Spa and massage center in Dubai

1. We only use organic mainly products

2. Professional Therapist

3. Use only organic oil, cream, and body scrubbing products, in addition to the dead sea organic products for our special dead sea bath

4. Luxurious massage rooms; each room is attached with its own Moroccan bath room, with an amazing decoration and relaxing music sound system.

Our Vision 

We believe that the harmony of soul, mind, and body creates lasting beauty. That’s why our services incomparable! We aim to be the first beauty and massage salon in Dubai and MENA. 

Our Mission 


is to add value by providing the finest personal care and healing treatments at one-stop station; at Lemon Tree Spa you will feel the renewed balance and beauty in your soul, body, and mind.

Experience it yourself… Discover the real feeling of inner calm Check our Services Now!

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